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Hello There!

What is this Blog about

I want to write about stuff that is important to me at the moment, that I learned new, etc. Mainly, those topics will be related to computer science, philosophy, videogames and writing. 'Cause these are things I am very interested in. 2023, I started studying computer science, which will influence this blog.

Philosophy has been a favorite topic of mine since my early school days, then became a subject I hated, and then I learned it to love again.

Additionally, I have been planning to write a book for a long time. I am more or less obsessed with how stories work and everything related to storytelling. This also includes writing stories for all kinds of genres, such as theatre plays or video games. I want to try all different sorts of storytelling, which I will share here. But I am not really good at it yet...

But I wrote a short story using the software Twine some time ago, which I upload here. you can find it here.
I also want to use a projects page for some other stuff in the near future.

This site is still under construction!

My Button

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For this website I used the layout-builder created by and the free static website builder Jekyll. It's hosted by neocities. Huge shout-out to them! I'm grateful for all the cool things provided.

You find the code for this website on GitLab

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