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Entry #17 -- 23. May

Today I voted for the first time!!! In the EU there are the upcoming Parlament elections and I casted my postal vote at my town hall. So it was more or less a postal vote with a ballot box, 'cause I wanted a bit more of an election feeling/vibe for my first elction, haha. :3

Btw. if you can vote, please do so! Considering the shift to the right in the EU, every vote for democracy is important !

Entry #16 -- 22.May

Hey folks, I changed the blog and guide strucutre a bit. First from category (writing, videogames, ...) folowed by the date to just the date.
But found this to be extremely stupid two. So now all the posts have unique names and all the blog posts are under /blog/ and all the guides under /guides/ followed by the topic. For now this is just /guides/cpp/.
This would be all, I think. I hope you like the changes. I think it is much better now.
Also started watching “Lower Decks”. My mother is a big Star Trek fan and she hasn't seen it too yet, so new series to watch together 😊

Entry #15 -- 19. May

A friend of mine visited me today. It was awesome seeing him in person.
The Internet is kind of weird; I've known him for nearly two years, and we've never seen each other IRL. This is amazing and odd at the same time. Dunno.

Also, I think I haven't written anything about “Loveless” by Alice Oseman yet. I love this book. It's well written, the characters are authentic, and it is much-needed aro-ace representation.
I am very lucky that when I started to read more about different topics on sexuality, identity, LGBTQIA+, etc., asexuality and aromanticism were one of the topics I did find some content on and had the opportunity to learn about. Still not in the same amount as compared to other topics. And I think this is very problematic.
My sexuality or related topics are not thematised on this blog, because I consider this highly personal and also nothing worth sharing.
But I wanted to say that learning more about the aro-ace spectrum earlier would have helped me understand certain things I felt and experienced better. Especially the concept of a squish. (It's also an awesome word)
So reading this book and seeing the representation was important to me, also to better understnad aromanticism and asexuality.

Anyway, like I wrote on my Status Café I'm very disappointed that there is no garlic bread emoji, just: 🧄🍞🥖 and 🇩🇰, unbelievable!!

Entry #14 -- 11. May

I finally finished my guestbook. It uses the awesome template by Ayano.
Took me 3 days, but I'm happy with the result.
It does use Google what but I think it's okay for now.

Entry #13 -- 9. May

Well hello there!
I did some tweaks to this site, like new styles to improve accessebility, adding more private messaging options etc.
Don't know what to say but wanted to write something again.
123Guestbook shooting down is a shame, i think it is pretty handy. I will add another methode here soon. I tuses google forms.
I'm not a fan of google, but this would allow writing comments wihtout an external site and cookies. But it is google so... not ideal.
Anyway hope your all fine and if not I hope it get's better soon ❤️

Entry #12 -- 23. April

OMFG I jut forgot to upload this new entry to Neocities and GitLab haha. Well still in time I guess
Uni is still tough but super fun and I am learning a lot. I try to use GitLab issues to organise this site more, which I also need for a course.

I just got told I get free GitHub copilot and other perks for being a student, like WOW! Should use that more.

Anyway I'm still figering out how to improve the layout of the site, I have some ideas but I'm not sure if they are good.
sadgrl online's template is really cool and it helped me get started when all I wanted was a simple blog, but seeing all of the creative sites on neocities...I really have higher standards now.
BTW. definitly checkout the sites I link in the Links button and other stuff page!!

Entry #11 -- 23. March

It's been a while since I updated my website.
The reason for that were some exams in Uni and I lost a lot of changes I made to the site, which I am now trying to recreate.
Please, please make backups!!

Entry #10 -- 11. Febuary

This site is now on GitLab! you can make issues, clone it, improve it, make jokes about it, let your cat look through it and make sure everything is okay: you do you.

Hope this is all correct and I didn't make any dumb mistakes yet.

The license for my code is MIT because it was the easiest I thought. Everything that is creative content by me on this site and isn't flagged otherwise is still published under CC0 (attribution is always appreciated :3)

Entry #09 -- 9. Febuary

I finished "One Piece" - super cool!

Entry #08 -- 30. January

Started watching "One Piece" - I know I'm late
Also I added a recommendation page. I will add there a recommendation for a video/song every week

Entry #07 -- 26. January

I am currently working on making the source code opensource on GitLab, shouldn't take that long

Entry #06 -- 23. January

I want to write blog posts more frequently. I have a few outlined, but because of the upcoming exams I am a bit stressed.

Entry #05 -- 31. December '23

2023 is drawing to a close!
It has been a very eventful, exciting and, not least, stirring year for me.
I hope you're all doing fine and that 2024 won't be too much worse than 2023. Or as good - idk
I haven't heard so much yet that it's bound to get better.
Everyone has learnt their lesson 😅
Happy new year, folks! Stay safe.

Entry #04 -- 22. December

I thought about writing down my thoughts surrounding Doki Doki Literature Club and 5th wall breaks before. finally finished that!
Also started a new project for the 404 page, but I have to learn a few new things for that. Could be awesome when it's finished

Entry #03 -- 18. Dezemeber

Astolfo is a super interesting character. I mean not just the Fate character but the story of the character.
Translating the english wikipedia article to german was very fun. I now read some apper on Astolfo and statted to go down this rabbithole.
Maybe I do a post on Astolfo in the near future! Would be fun

Entry #02 -- 27. November

I am currently working to make a cool new c++ project to also get more in touch with the language. I still need to figure out how to properly use emscripten.
But at least i started doing it. If you are interested you can find it here but I would not recommend it! It's still ugly and very limited in functions.
I hope it will be fun, when it's finished

Entry #01 -- 22. November

I try to use more opensource software and. I now use VSCodium instead of VSCode and I use LibreOffice more often.
Though I still am not a big fan of LibreOffice it definitly imporved over the last years and is now really good to use.