Privacy Policy

Last updated: 11.5.2024


I do not knowingly collect personal data or data about you at all. So I cannot sell, share or monetize any information. Third-party services used on this site, may collect non-personal information to enhance site functionality. I try to cover every possible instance here.

So why is this text so long?

Because I want to be transparent about potential privacy weaknesses of this site. This page should include all external JavaScript code used as well as all third-party services embeded. This enables you to check if you want to trust me. You can also see this sites Code on GitLab to see what I do here.

Host and Domain

Neocities logs the number of site requests and how many come from a unique IP Adress for a visitor counter. An easy way to mask your IP Adress would be the Tor Browser. I highly recommend checking it out and to support the project.

Third-Party Content

JavaScript Functionalities

The site utilizes JavaScript for various functionalities. But it should work, albeit with limited functionality, with JavaScript disabled.
For issues, you can contact me via the means described on the about page or open an issue on the GitLab Repo.

What could go wrong?

The external scripts from services like Goodreads or interact.js are included to enhance the site features, could potentially introduce risks such as unwanted tracking or malicious code.
This is a risk for all sites using external scripts, and other then disabling JavaScript there is nothing really to prevent this.
You could also try to block the scripts with a browser extension like NoScript for Firefox or Chrome based browsers like Brave/Chrome/Chromium/Edge.

Chatbox and Guestbook

Cbox, uses Google Fonts which includes cookies by
In my Browser uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger blocked the cookie, so those extensions might be an option for you too. You can set your browser to block cookies or delete them after visiting the site as well.
This sites guestbook uses Google Forms and Google Sheets, which might use cookies as well.
I know that this is not ideal, and I will search for alternatives where possible and feasible.

Public Interactions

Comments on Cbox, 123Guestbook and this sites guestbook are public. If you want to delete a post this might not be possible and you probably need a proof of authroship. For deletion of personal information you can contact Cbox, 123Guestbook or me (I might be able to help you on the other two platforms as well). Be aware that public interactions may persist online even after deletion.

This site contains links to sites which may collect personal information, for example YouTube. I aim to minimize the tracking potential by using privacy-focused alternatives like Invidious (

Changes and Contact Info

If I make changes to this privacy polcy it will be noted here and which changes have been made over time.

For questions you can write me an email or see more contact information on my about page.
The emails are saved with Zero-Knowledge encryption by ProtonMail. You can write me End-To-End Encrypted via Email using PGP or use SimpleX Chat.

If you want to see the source-code of this site, for upmost transperency visit the Gitlab Repo.

V1.0 - first-published: 11.5.2024